Our offer also includes the production of printed circuit boards according to the customer’s design!

General process of order execution


The customer submits an inquiry, ideally he should also send the technical specifications of the PCB


Our team prepares a personalized offer for the customer


The customer officially places an order


The manufacturer checks the design and prepares any technical questions


Our team discusses technical issues with you in detail


Manufacturer tests, packages and ships finished PCBs to us


Our Quality Department carefully checks the correctness of the product


Finished PCBs are sent to the address specified by the customer

Below are the standard parameters of the circuits offered.

If something goes beyond the scope below, we consider it individually and look for the best solutions

LaminatesFR4; Aluminum; Teflon; Ceramic; CEM-1; CEM-3
Surface TreatmentHAL Pb, HAL PbF, ENIG, Hard gold, OSP, Immersion silver
Soldermask colorgreen, white LED, black, red, blue (matt available)
Additional Coveringpeelable mask, graphite mask, capton tape
Mechanical finishv-cut, routing, punching
Testselectrical test, AOI test
Maximum Layer Count for rigid40
Maximum Layer Count for flex-rigid8
Finished Board Thickness0,2 - 4,8mm​
tol. ≤1.0mm: ±0,1mm; ​​
tol. >1.0mm: ±10%​​
Maximum dimensions610mm - 916mm​
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance (≤1.0mm)18um - 175um​
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance (>1.0mm)18um - 210um​
Minimum Line Width18um: 0,1mm; ​​
35um: 0,1mm; ​​
70um: 0,2mm; ​​
105um: 0,3mm​
Minimum Spacing Width18um: 0,1mm; ​​
35um: 0,1mm; ​​
70um: 0,2mm; ​​
105um: 0,4mm
Minimum Hole to Hole Spacing0,3mm​
Minimum Hole to Edge Spacing0,2mm​
Minimum Edge to Conductive Spacing0,2mm​
Minimum Hole to Conductive Spacing0,18mm​
Minimum Trace to Conductive Spacing0,3mm​
Minimum Solder Bridge Widthgreen mask: 0,075mm; spacing IC: 0,2mm black, white, matte mask: 0,125mm; spacing IC: 0,25mm
Minimum Annular Ring18um: 0,125mm; ​​
35um: 0,125mm; ​​
70um: 0,25mm; ​​
105um: 0,25mm​​
Minimum Mechanical Hole Diameter0,25mm​
Finished Hole Tolerance"PTH: 0,075mm; NPTH: 0,05mm; press fit: 0,05mm"
Minimum Laser Hole Diameter0,1mm​
Hole Position Presision0,05mm​
Minimum Microvias Diameter0,1mm​
Maximum Microvias Diameter0,1mm​
Minimum Solder PAD Diameter0,25mm​
Minimum Hole Wall Thickness≥18um​
Maximum Aspect Ratio8,0 : 1​
Minimum Height of Characters0,8mm​
Minimum Size of Punched Hole2,5mm​
Controlled Impedance+/- 10%​
Outline Precision (CNC)0,1mm​
Outline Precision (Punch)0,05mm​
HDI Construction1+N+1/ 2+N+2

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