Time to introduce another product worthy of your attention!

LOBO is designed in a modern case, graceful 10-inch device installed at the entrance to the conference room, which clearly presents information about the bookings.

Booking information are automatically downloaded from G-Suite, MS Exchange, IBM Notes, Oracle, Zimbra or Office365 calendars which means that users can make use of the existing systems. Reservation can also be made using touch panel of the device.

In addition by using the touch panel, user can not only book but also confirm arriving to the meeting. Lack of meeting confirmation automatically revokes the reservation so that the system takes care of optimising use of conference rooms in the office.

Lobo device can be an element of complexed meeting rooms reservation system in which user can order catering or additional equipment.

Selected features:

  • Displaying reservations of the Rooms from calendar of G-Suite, MS Exchange, IBM Notes, Oracle, Zimbra, Office365
  • Entering and confirming the booking on LOBO panel
  • Specification of occupation status by background color and side backlight
  • Possibility of authorization using Active Directory
  • Possibility of displaying on LOBO device multimedias (JPG, AVI, MP4, HTML5)
  • Distribution of information from the server level (only one point of contact with the external systems chich ensures security and does not require purchase of external licenses)
  • Possibility of changing the graphic interface and import your own logo
  • Possibility to present rooms reservations collectively on large format LCD screens
  • Possibility to integrate with the customer’s internal systems for example. BMS, Fidelio



  • Optimal use of conference rooms in the company
  • Raising standard and prestige of the office
  • Improving management process of the equipment of the rooms


System of rooms reservation allows you to:

  • Search for rooms based on attributes(time, place, room equipment)
  • Make cyclical reservations, connect meeting rooms
  • Generate meeting invitation (sent by e-mail)
  • Link multiple systems at the same time and work on thesesystems (booking made in one system will appear in the other and will be displayed on LOBO)
  • Place application on the intranet
  • Translation in to many different language

    Rooms reservation system architecture:

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