POWER SUPPLIES, CONVERTERS and UPS are a group of products that we have been developing very dynamically for years. Elhurt – a Polish company with over 30 years of experience is the official distributor of world-class manufacturers: Friwo, FSP, Mornsun and TDK-Lambda. We guarantee stable supplies of power supplies and strong technical support from the application engineer and the sales team.

We offer a very wide selection of high-quality power supply components:

  • AC-DC converters
  • DC-DC converters
  • power supplies
  • UPS power supplies
  • programmable power supplies
  • power supplies for medical devices
  • LED power supplies
  • AC and DC filters

We also provide a number of additional services, such as individualization or adaptation of power supplies to individual application requirements.

Power supplies and converters from Elhurt’s offer are used, among others, in: in the following industries: industrial automation, rail and wheeled transport, medical, mining and communications. Moreover, they are indispensable elements used in the management of energy networks or in intelligent buildings.


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Elhurt – TDK Lambda distributor
TDK-Lambda is a leading global manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality power supplies. Thanks to its reliability, it constantly expands and strengthens its position on the global market. The manufacturer is focused on the production of standardized built-in devices for industrial, medical and automation applications, as well as power supplies mounted on a DIN rail in control cabinets.

Elhurt, as the official distributor of TDK Lambda, offers AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, programmable power supplies, AC and DC filters and power supplies for medical devices.

Elhurt – FRIWO distributor
FRIWO is a leading supplier of intelligent power and drive solutions, battery chargers and medical power supplies. The manufacturer’s portfolio includes standard power sources, as well as custom-designed and battery charging solutions.

FRIWO supplies chargers, batteries, power supplies and LED drivers. In addition, the offer also includes intelligent components for electric drives. All elements of a modern electric drive system are offered: from the display, through the engine controller and drive unit, to the control software. Thanks to its high reliability, Friwo boasts a strong presence in the medical industry.

Elhurt, as an official distributor of Friwo, offers AC-DC power supplies, medical power supplies and LED power supplies.

Elhurt – FSP distributor
FSP is another of the leading manufacturers of power sources in the world. The company was founded in 1993. The FSP Group has chosen the motto “service, professionalism and innovation” to constantly fulfill its obligations as a supplier of green energy power sources.

FSP products are characterized by highly advanced technology and high efficiency. FSP power sources are designed to ensure optimal product life and uninterrupted long-term operation. FSP offers a wide selection of dedicated products, including: for ICT, consumer electronics, industry, medical industry and alternative energy sources.

Elhurt, as the official distributor of FSP, offers AC-DC power supplies, UPS power supplies, medical power supplies and LED power supplies.

Elhurt – Mornsun distributor
Mornsun is a leader in the production of converters, the largest supplier of this type of elements on the Asian market, and the third largest supplier on the global market. The quality is confirmed by cooperation with the largest industrial electronics manufacturers in the world, such as: Honeywell, GE, Siemens, Emerson, Alstom, Huawei, Tesla.

Elhurt, as an official distributor of Mornsun, offers high-quality AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, LED power supplies, IGBT/LED drivers, signal link protection modules and EMC/EMI filters, CAN, RS transceivers.


See also other electronic components in Elhurt’s offer:

Send us an inquiry zasilacze@elhurt.com.pl or call +48 511 885 115.

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