PASSIVE ELEMENTS of electronic systems are the basic components in electronics that cannot generate energy on their own, but transform the existing signal. They are necessary for the construction of various electronic systems and devices. Elhurt’s offer, as the official distributor for the Polish market, includes a wide range of passive components from renowned manufacturers such as: TDK, Iskra, Epcos, Riedon, Siba.

The most popular product groups among passive elements are: capacitors, resistors, transformers, coils, as well as quartz thermistors, fuses and inductive elements. Elhurt’s offer includes elements intended for various industries such as automotive, medicine, consumer devices, telecommunications and others.

  • Capacitors: electrolytic/ Axial/ THT/ SMD; Snap in, 2 & 4 pin; Foil/EMI MKT; MLCC SMD; MKP AC/ MKP AC HP/ MKP DC; PFC.
  • PCT and NTC thermistors: SMD PTC/ SMD NTC/ THT NTC/ NTC probes
  • Fuses/protections: car/bucket/polymer PTC (SMP + THT)/thermal/fuse (miniature) glass and ceramic fuses.
  • Quartz: SAW filters/quartz resonators
  • Transformers: flooded/pulse/toroidal/classic/3-phase
  • SMD and THT resistors
  • Induction elements:
    • SMD power inductions
    • laser cut/wire wound SMD chip inductors
    • mains chokes
    • SMD data line chokes
    • EMC filters/IEC inlet filters

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Send us an inquiry or call +48 511 885 115.


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