More and more businesses are using RGB LED lights throughout their displays, sitting areas, and street signs today than ever before. These energy-saving alternatives to traditional neon lights or oversized bulbs have become the new gold standard thanks to early adopters and social media influencers putting them all over their rooms and homes.

For those who are still hesitant to jump on the LED bandwagon, it helps to know a bit more about how they help and what benefits they may offer for your unique situation.

What is RGB Lighting with LEDs?

RGB is an acronym for mixing the colors red, green, and blue. This mixture of color options allows the user access to millions of possible colors, which is why the technology is widely used in TV screens, computer monitors, and smartphones.

How do RGB LEDs work depends on the type of form you purchase. There are two main kinds of RGB LEDs – anodes and cathodes. The main difference between these two forms is that cathode RGB LEDs use a common negative connection, and anode uses a positive. Each has four pins, one dedicated to the negative or positive connection and the rest for the individual RGB colors.

Essentially this means that anode LED allows electricity to move into the system, whereas the cathode flows out in the opposite direction.

How Do RGB LED’s Work?

To provide various colors, you only need to control the amount of white light moving through the RGB colors. The intensity level sets the mixture of colors resulting in, for example, a dark purple output for an under the sea themed restaurant or deep yellow for a store display case.

The trick here is that the LEDs are so close together that our eyes cannot differentiate the individual colors of each diode. Our brains interpret entire strips at a time to make sense of the colors we are seeing.

Using RGB LEDs usually involves a controller or end unit that dictates the light intensity, color, movement, and any other attribute available. There are also responsive strip controllers that “feel” or “hear” sound depending on their programming to mimic the light atmosphere of what is displayed on a screen or played on a speaker.

RGB LEDs Features

The reason so many companies, organizations, and private citizens are turning to LEDs is because they are small in size and thin in depth. This makes them incredibly easy to apply in practically any setting you can imagine.

RGB LEDs are also more reliable than older light models and produce a consistent, full-color array according to your control setting. With neon and bulb lighting, you always have to recheck everything to ensure it is working, not so much when using RGB LEDs.

How Do RGB LEDs Work in Locations?

Their small form factor, lightweight construction, and broad color possibilities mean RGB LEDs can be applied to practically any scenario. You’ll find RGB LEDs being used in monitors, displays on refrigerators, outdoor entertainment venues, garden accents, and even inside your vehicles.

They put out extremely low heat and are versatile enough to fit and bend in ways another lighting cannot accomplish. This adds an excellent secondary feature to products, businesses, and industrial organizations. The safety uses alone are more than worth the future development as they protect workers without adding to environmental or heating concerns.

What Are the Benefits of RGB LEDs?

After learning what RBG lighting is, you quickly see how having millions of color combinations at your fingertips can improve your business or home aesthetic. Imagine walking into a movie theater with lights around the big screen reacting in real-time to the images you are watching. This extends the visual experience in ways that further immerse all viewers.

Properly manufactured RGB LED lights can be left on 24/7 and have an incredibly long-lasting lifespan making them one of the more cost-effective options for enhancing your home or business.

As we mentioned above, these are lightweight options that can fit in places the previous lighting options could not. This versatility makes them one of the better choices for new products, worksites, entertainment venues, or even your bedroom.

RGB LED lights do not burn out or break as frequently as other models. They use less electricity and offer a broader spectrum of colors. These are all cost-saving benefits that any business wants, as electricity bills can be a significant monthly expense.

Where to Find Quality RGB LED Options?

You can always pick up a mass-manufactured light strip or two at your local big-box store, but for a more customized product made from a reputable and professional team of experts, you are better served by contacting us.

For more than 20 years, our partner- Refond has provided LED packaging solutions and semiconductor supplies ranging from Micro-LED displays to AI sensors to general lighting.

Reach out today to speak with one of our experienced support team members and discover how your business can grow with high-quality RGB LED products from Refond.