A prominent University in the Mid-West recently approached Riedon looking for a current measurement solution. They are in the process of installing a high voltage DC system in one of their campus buildings. This means that everything in the building will be powered by direct current including LED lighting, appliances like the refrigerator and even the HVAC. High voltage DC systems such as this have the potential to be much more efficient when the power source is from solar or other technologies that generate DC current, as there are fewer conversion steps degrading overall efficiency.


Initially, they were looking for a traditional ammeter type shunt but upon further discussion it was determined that they would be doing datalogging for continuous analysis and could benefit from a signal from the current sensor that would interface directly with their equipment. The SSA, with its differential analog output, 1500v reinforced isolation, and UL recognition proved to be a perfect solution.

boczniaki riedon

A distribution, monitoring, and protection panel was designed and installed including four of our SSA smart current sensors in series with four of our CFB class “T” fuse holders for circuit protection. Additional SSA sensors are planned for monitoring individual loads and a lower voltage bus for powering smaller items. The SSA is indeed a very good solution here and the same basic idea could be applied to most any battery monitoring.

For more than 45 years, since our formation in 1960 Riedon has been at the cutting edge of resistive solutions; this is evident today in that our Wirewound, Thick & Thin Film, and also Foil resistive products can be seen in industries as diverse as: Aerospace, Military and Instrumentation.