For 45 years Riedon has been a vertically integrated, global leader in the design and manufacture of precision and power resistors. Utilizing the latest in wirewound, thin and thick film, and foil technologies, Riedon offers one of the broadest product ranges in the resistor industry.

Interesting products from their offer

Riedon’s Fuse Blocks support 110A to 400A Class T Fuses for Solar Panel Installations. For the protection of DC wiring, Inverter, and the battery bank, it is critical to install fuses and/or circuitbreakers in the solar panel circuit(s). And if a Li-Ion battery is used, which is very common, it is equally important to ensure that the proper type of fuse is chosen. Due to the large amount of current that a Li-Ion battery can generate in a short circuit condition, a Class T fuse is recommended. Unlike automotive fuses which generally support up to 10kA current interrupt rating, a Class T fuse can interrupt much larger surge currents (>20kA).

The diagram below is a typical fuse installation. In this circuit, the fuse is placed between the manual disconnect switch and the positive side of the battery bank. This is a very simple illustration intended to show the fuse location and does not include other components such as the current sensor and charge controller which are necessary for the Battery Management System.

Riedon’s solar industry customers, specifically the end-users, installers, and integrators have been choosing our fuse blocks to meet their DC protection requirements. In addition to a Class T Fuse, these fuse blocks also feature an insulated fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate base and include 3/8” terminal lugs for ease of installation.

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