The Hands-on Linux Academy 2022 workshop, which we organized together with SoMLabs, has come to an end! We hosted over 140 participants in 5 Polish cities.

The participants had the opportunity to learn in practice, among other things, the basics of driver development, while using the StarCB-6ULL/StarSOM-6ULL hardware platform developed and manufactured by SoMLabs. One of the people working on organizing the next cycle of training was our Application Engineer- Andrzej Moczulski. How did he sum up this year’s edition?

The greatest value for participants?

The greatest value of the workshop was undoubtedly the contact with the equipment, getting acquainted with the system yourself. In addition, we prepared interesting examples, engaging tasks and, at the end, a competition. Each participant was able to demonstrate the knowledge they gained during the event.

The biggest positive surprise?

What makes us very happy is that every year we see more and more awareness among participants. More engineers are signing up, and most importantly, people who will be able to put their new knowledge into practice. In addition, the participants represent newer and newer industries or applications, problems that are difficult to predict and whose joint analysis during the workshop allows us to expand the knowledge for other participants and this, in turn, can open the door for us to new business collaborations.

Top city?

I definitely have to point out two cities here: Krakow and Wroclaw. It was there that we hosted the most substantively prepared participants. Moreover, they were people who were not afraid to ask questions. If there were any doubts, they were willing to talk about them and we could look for the best solutions together. It was also not insignificant that it was the workshops in these cities that had the largest number of people signed up.

Plans for the coming years?

The plan is simple- to continue this event. We would like to stay with the same formula. The interest is still huge, so we will do our best to provide a day full of new knowledge from Elhurt and SoMLabs every year. Perhaps we will consider new locations, such as Rzeszów, for example.