Our Sales Director- Ireneusz Pesta, summarizes the year 2022!

  1. What were the biggest challenges of 2022?

There were definitely problems with component availability. We fought for reliable deadline confirmations from the suppliers. We struggled with rising commodity prices, which often happened overnight. We were constantly faced with escalations that were time-consuming and difficult to process. We had to operate in constantly changing price conditions. Forecasting two years ahead or a tight production schedule were only a part of what made 2022 not the easiest year.

  1. What lessons have we learnt from the past 12 months?

The only certain delivery is the one you already have in stock. Investing in the warehouse is the best way to deliver our products to the customers on an ongoing basis and on time. Getting a hold of them faster, even several months ahead, is a method that provides a sense of relative control over the supply chain.

  1. What is going to be the key target for the distribution team?

The past year has shown us where our weaknesses lie as well as what our strength and huge asset is. It has also highlighted the necessity of an open collaboration with all our partners. Not only does it refer to sales, but also purchases. Purchasing and logistics processes are going to increasingly require automation from us.