Refond Optoelectronics is a company that specialises in manufacturing SMD LEDs. The company stands out from the competition with innovative solutions, many registered patents and a wide product range. In recent years, Refond have taken European markets by storm with its offer of competitive solutions that beat others while maintaining very high quality.

Do Refond customers represent specific industries?

Refond products have gained recognition in the following industries: LED lighting, interior and exterior car lights, LED boards and illuminated ads, various types of lighting, traffic lights, heavy industry and consumer electronics, greenhouse lighting, and many others.

What if I don’t really know what I need?

Of course, the more we know about your solution and the project which requires our products, the better. Requirements can differ depending on the offered type of the diode. For example, the white diodes that are dedicated to LED lighting have the following key parameters: efficiency at given supply current, colour temperature, required CRI, SDCM (MacAdam ellipse) or requirements concerning additional certificates, e.g. for photobiological safety.

If you’re not sure what solution will work best for you, we’ll ask you where the LEDs are going to be used and what parameters of the target device are the most important to you.

How often does Refond change its product range?

New solutions are added to the product range almost on a monthly basis. The manufacturer puts great effort in research to stay ahead of the competition. The key driver of changes is the need for lower power consumption and, at the same time, better luminous efficiency (lm/W).

It’s also worth noting that new trends include dual-colour LEDs with medium and high power. For example, an EMC3030-series LED with 1 W power has two chips in white and amber colours. Its main application are LED lamps for the automotive industry, The LED has also an AEC-Q102 certificate.

The manufacturer offers also new product series. For example, this year Refond invests heavily in opto-isolators, which are introduced to mass production. For now, the product range includes the most standard types. The main advantages are not only their economical price, but also short delivery time of 6 weeks, which gives a huge competitive edge.

Another interesting product are COB LED strips, which emit light with their surface to create very interesting effects. In this case, there’s no need to additionally diffuse the light emitted by LEDs. The front side of the strip itself can become a decorative element.

Why should I choose Refond products?

Refond products are innovative and of high quality, but most importantly, they offer very good value for money. Refond also listens closely to customers’ needs and offers project-specific solutions or even supports customers’ designs. In the majority of cases, the implementation of a new solution takes little time and first samples satisfy the customers’ needs. Refond has also a very good resource base, so the dates of deliveries are the same as in the previous years.

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