Phoenix Contact is a global leader and innovator in connectors, enclosures, cabling and automation. Founded in 1923, this company operates worldwide, and its solutions are used wherever the highest quality and process automation are required. Our cooperation with Phoenix Contact has been continuous for nearly 20 years and we can recommend its solutions to any customer with full responsibility.

Our product manager responsible for the connector product group told more about this cooperation!

Why should a customer pick products from Phoenix Contact?

First of all because of the very high quality of the products, but also because of their innovation. Phoenix Contact focuses on new technologies and solutions, which later leads to real savings for the user. As for the price, it is at a very reasonable level in relation to the quality of the products offered. Customers often opt for them to avoid costs at the after-sales service stage.

The situation in the components market is not easy at the moment. What do you think about the availability of products from our partner?

Phoenix Contact connectors will periodically experience problems with the availability of some series. For this reason, Phoenix is working to increase production capacity at its connector factory, which will certainly lead to improved product availability. However, this is a long process and we will have to wait a little longer for the results.

Is there a product you can particularly recommend?

Above all, we recommend a wide range of push-in connectors. Designers are increasingly opting for this solution, as it significantly saves assembly time. The wire in the form of a cable with a crimped cable sleeve or wire is simply pushed into the connection chamber. We use a button to release it. We can also use it if we need to plug in a flexible wire without a sleeve. The push-in technology does not require tools or a lot of force, and it is safe, easy to use and resistant to vibration.

Plate-to-plate connectors with raster as small as 0.635mm are also an interesting solution. They provide high data rates of up to 20Gbps for PCB connections.

Among our customers who choose this supplier, can we distinguish typical industries, which are the most numerous?

Our customers come from a wide range of industries from industrial and building automation to LED lighting and consumer electronics. Connectors are a very versatile product, so there are many applications here as well. The common denominator is attention to quality, durability and failure-free end product.

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