New Refond’s product – IC-LED


  • Addressable RGB LED – Each chip controlled independently.
  • Easy Control – One signal wire needed only.
  • Simplified Circuit Design – Less layout space, no extra IC or PWM pin control required.
  • Easy Production – Less SMT components.


Adjusting colours according to your needs.

Customisable colour temperatures

Ambient lighting



RGB light strips

PC Builds

Gaming devices

Responsive lighting

Building Decor (Interior/Exterior)

Automotive Interior

TV fancy sync box

Pure gold wires from a German Supplier are used for our IC-LEDs, and the diameter of the gold wire is 1.0mil. Our competitors use Ag-Au alloy wire and the diameter is only 0.8mil. The gold wire between LED chip and IC chip is specially processed in a M shape, it has the benefits of resistance to Thermal Shock.

IC-LEDs are bonded with the wire connecting from IC pad to LED pad, while Refond’s are from LED to IC. Because the pad on LED side is smaller than IC’s pad, RF’s process have better quality in second bond(the end of the wire, usually the most risk point).