Already in May, in five Polish cities, together with SoMLabs, we will conduct Linux workshops that will present practical information on implementing algorithms based on neural networks in embedded systems.

The workshop will use the TensorFlow Lite library. – It is a tool ideally suited to the needs of developers who want to implement machine learning models on mobile devices and microcontrollers, stresses Andrzej Moczulski, Application Engineer, Elhurt Dystrybucja.

The Hands-on Linux Academy 2023 training is first and foremost an opportunity to gain practical skills based on sound knowledge and current trends. During the event, each participant will learn about the capabilities of neural networks and how to implement them in embedded systems based on i.MX8MPlus microprocessors, equipped with a coprocessor dedicated to supporting computation (NPU – Neural Processing Unit) in AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) applications, assures Piotr Zbysiński, Chief Technology Officer, SoMLabs.



SpaceCB-8Mplus-ADV, SoMLabs


  • Wrocław 22.05.2023
  • Cracow 23.05.2023
  • Katowice 24.05.2023
  • Warsaw 25.05.2023
  • Bydgoszcz 26.05.2023


  • Introduction to the SpaceSOM-8Mplus platform.
  • Linux Yocto compilation and eMMC memory programming of the SpaceSOM-8Mplus module.
  • Introduction to artificial neural networks.
  • Use of the NPU accelerator in the iMX8MPlus processor.
  • Examples of using neural networks for image classification.
  • Using a camera as a data source for neural networks.


See you there!