Overcome environmental challenges with stability and reliability! 

Transcend is a leading company specializing in digital storage and multimedia products. They offer a wide range of reliable and innovative storage solutions, including SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and more. With a focus on quality and performance, Transcend provides durable and compatible products for personal and professional use. From that article find out more about their industrial wide- temp DRAM modules! 

Transcend’s industrial Wide-temp DRAM modules are custom-made for tough embedded applications, allowing devices to operate stably between -40 Celsius degrees to 95 Celsius degrees or -40 Celsius degrees to 85 Celsius degrees. Our embedded- grade product lifecycle management (PLM) and fixed bill of materials (BOM) services provide the product longevity and supply our customers demand.  

Anti- sulfur technology enhance endurance.  

Transcend sources its components from major IC manufacturers and conducts rigorous temperature testing to ensure the stable operation of its products. This commitment to sourcing high-quality components and performing thorough temperature testing guarantees reliable performance and durability in various operating conditions. 

Fixed BOM and product lifestyle management (PLM) guarantee product longevity and supply. 

BOM and PLM ensure that customers have continued access to products, consistent quality and compatibility, availability of spare parts, regular updates and enhancements, and improved customer support. 


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