Coilmaster is a professional High Current Inductor, Molded Power Choke, High-Frequency Inductor, Low Profile High Current Inductor, High Current Power Inductor manufacturer. What product do we want to introduce to you today?

High Current Inductor (also known as molded power inductor / iron powder inductor) is one of theirs main products, they also produce Magnetic Shielded Inductor, Non shielded Inductor, Wire-wound inductor, Chip Beads Ferrite Beads….etc. High Current Power Inductor’s inductance range from 0.1µH 100µH. Especially design for a low profile, high current requirement applications. The product features a high saturated current which exhibits soft saturation characteristics, low core loss, high operating temperature, and high operating temperature. They also provide a very low DCR high current power inductor, high current inductor or custom design power inductor in high current.

Below are some of the models we have selected:

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