EVEO is a close-knit team that for over 15 years has been passionately creating effective technological solutions related to content display, office process automation and productivity enhancement in organizations. It all started in 2007, when it was noticed that there was a lack of systems on the Polish market that would allow remote management of content (images, video, audio) on LCD or LED screens operating within a single network. Products from Eveo have been successfully used in public transportation (in buses and streetcars running on the roads of our cities) or in financial institutions to present information as in the case of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. What interesting things can the Eveo team tell you about themselves?

What exactly do you do?

After our initial successes, we have been keeping a close eye on the next market needs and emerging trends. The last decade or so has been a period when Polish companies have been very eager to take advantage of the benefits of using new technologies in their organizations. Challenges and opportunities appeared more and more.

At this point, our adventure with electronics, which we loved, began. We started producing our own computers for displaying content on screens. Later came a proprietary touch panel for booking rooms with the graceful name LOBO. Today we produce several universal models of industrial computers based on ARM architecture using Linux and Android. Currently, these are the most popular platforms for the wide market. Let display devices, totems, kiosks, electric vehicle chargers, queuing systems, vending machines, cash registers or video intercoms serve as examples.

What is your guiding principle when developing products?

With the previously mentioned LOBO screen and the room reservation system created for it, we have made a permanent name for ourselves in the office environment. We love to create software that increases the productivity and efficiency of entire organizations. We always keep in mind the often forgotten or overlooked fact that every organization is made up of people, and our products are designed to solve their daily problems.

That’s why we listen carefully to the needs of our customer’s employees to provide them with effective and convenient tools to make repetitive office tasks easier. It is their satisfaction and positive feedback that we consider to be the determinant of success. We feel not only great satisfaction from this, but also responsibility for the quality of the solutions we provide. This allows any organization that trusts our experience to focus on what it does best, which is creating value.

Advances in technology have meant that in the average corporation’s use by employees today there are too many tools operating in separate ecosystems. We know there is a better way to organize work in an office environment – that’s why we created URVE Smart Office, a comprehensive system for booking office resources such as rooms, desks, parking spaces and lockers. From the beginning of the application’s development, we focused on integration with the systems most often used by organizations. This is a way to realize our vision of making the business world more productive.

Why do customers like working with you?

We believe that what sets us apart is not the products themselves, but the support offered at every stage of the project. Anyone who has worked with us knows that they can count on reliability and professionalism in any situation, even an extremely difficult one. Our business model is based on cooperation with IT distributors and integrators. We often collide with unusual needs that others are unwilling to meet. We are eager to listen to the needs of contractors and offer the best solutions.

What can you offer clients?

We use our years of experience in hardware projects to provide the most optimal solutions tailored to customers’ needs. We help them build their equipment based on our electronics and systems. We select and configure hardware tailored to the requirements of the project, and our programmers will help build the operating system and even customer-dedicated applications.

What good will cooperation with Elhurt bring?

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with one of the most important Polish distributors of electronic components. We will have the opportunity to exchange our previous experience gained over the years in the IT industry. In addition, we will join forces in terms of technologies used and unique know-how. Thanks to the cooperation, the opportunity to develop new directions of development, as well as to reach new markets that have not yet been trodden, opens up for us. Both Elhurt and Eveo are ambitious companies with entirely Polish capital. We aspire not only to conquer European markets, but target equipment and service customers worldwide.