What does our partner Coilmaster have worth recommending?
We are going to introduce you to the products of our partner Coilmaster. This time we invite you to learn more about Wire Wound Inductors / RF Chip Inductors!

The RF inductor is the power inductor for high-frequency circuits with high quality factor (Q value) and is mainly used in communications, wireless, antenna, LAN, and other applications. Coilmaster offers a diverse lineup of inductor products for high-frequency circuits with different structures: wire wound, multilayer, thin-film, and air core. Most of them are non-magnetics or ceramic core body.

SMD wirewound inductor – MS series with ceramic core body, it is formed by winding copper wire in a spiral shape on the ceramic core. This RF wire-wound inductor provides excellent high Q characteristics, precision inductance value, tight tolerance, and broad range of inductance values. Compare to the other series in the same dimension, the Q value for this wire-wound RF inductor is two times higher than the multilayer or thin file RF inductor. Furthermore, the copper wire on this model is thicker than other types, hence, it could achieve lower dc resistance, better current carry capacity.

SMD thin film chip inductor, the structure of this RF inductor is similar to multilayer inductor but the coil is formed with high accuracy of micro-processing technology. This thin file chip inductor has a miniature compact size like 0603 (0.6*0.3mm) and has an excellent q factor and SRF (self resonant frequency) value. This thin file RF inductor is suitable for RF circuit matching and resonance applications.

SMD multilayer chip inductor is formed by several layers of ceramic material. Multilayer chip inductor feature with low cost and miniature size compare to wire-wound inductor. The multilayer inductor builds up the gap between the wirewound and thin-file type of RF inductor. The inductance value, Q factor, rated current, dimension, price, and other characteristics, all of this have a good balance in this multilayer structure. Multilayer inductor is suitable for RF circuit matching, wireless applications, or other communication / portable devices.

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