Power line common mode chokes normally provide the higher isolation voltages (up to 2000Vrms), and high inductance/impedance value to eliminate EMI/noise suppression. The power line of CMC has a high current carry capacity, suitable for power supply circui ts DC/DC or AC/DC. It is an ideal product for noise suppression.

The power line common mode choke could work and diminish both the common mode and differential mode noise. The surface mount common mode choke families are features with a low profile, miniat ure dimensions, and a wide range of industry standard footprints. The SMD power line choke is designed for low profile effectiveness in space conscious applications. It has different winding methods to achieve better impedance or lower leakage induct ance v alue and is suitable for various applications.

Perfect replacement to Wurth/Bourns

Power line common mode choke of SMM series from Coilmaster could replace  Wurth or Bourns directly with same PCB pattern and characteristic. But with more competitive price and better lead time.

Operating temperature for power line common mode choke is –40°C to +125°C (Including self-temperature rise). For the power line choke, they are designed to carry high current and eliminate the common mode noise from AC line in a broad range of frequencies. The isolation on the power line common mode choke normally is up to 2000Vrms.


  • Effective in high frequency noise suppression.
  • Without degrading the signal.
  • Suppress the common mode noise on electronics products.
  • Excellent common mode impedance at high frequency to suppress the noise.

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