Designers, architects, and business owners are all embracing flexible LED strips because of their cost-saving benefits and incredibly versatile capabilities. Whether you are a teenager looking to enhance your bedroom lighting or a world leader in the automotive industry, adding RGB flexible LEDs to your space improves your lighting design’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

What is Flexible LED Strip?

A standard flexible LED strip consists of many individual emitters mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board. They will have cutline for your desired lengths and optional adhesive backings for quick installation that do not harm or reduce application possibilities.

The idea is by having a flexible circuit board that controls the lumens of each LED emitter, you get complete control of the RGB color spectrum that can be bent or modified into any desired shape or structure. The more controls over the intensity of lumens, the more colors available.

What are the Features of Flexible LED Strips?

  1. Improved Lighting Quality

RGB flexible LED strips are sold and manufactured in lengths customized to the client’s needs. They offer greater consistency, higher lumen control, and stunning colors that provide the user with a world of new lighting options.

  1. Increases Flexibility

Lighting designers love how flexible LED strips can accent architecture or be hidden due to their low profile and lightweight design. This makes them perfect for furniture, appliances, automobiles, ships, buildings, entertainment venues, and more.

  1. High Luminosity

Ordering customized flexible LED strips from a major manufacturer provides your product or location with incredible lumen control. The technology has advanced so much that these devices are used in high-end TVs and on Broadway for Class A professional show. In terms of brightness, you can get precisely what you need.

  1. High Power

LED technology doesn’t require as much power as previous models of lighting. That means you get more power capability without needing as high of a supply. This benefit is why many companies in the industrial, boating, and labor industries have turned to LED lighting as a solution for both aesthetics and safety.

  1. High Mechanical Strength

Flexible LED strips are not as delicate as bulbs or neon lights. They can be bent and molded to fit practically any use and in a wide range of temperature and environmental settings. This creates a much broader use form factor.

Applications of Flexible LED Strips

The versatility of RGB flexible LED strips is why it is being implemented in so many applications. Some of these include:

  • Venue/Garden pathway lighting
  • Worksite safety lighting
  • Business signage and enhanced display lighting
  • Architecture accent lighting and outlining
  • Recreational lighting for boats, RVs, vehicles, and more
  • Under-cabinet and hard to reach location lighting
  • Backlighting for light-sensitive areas
  • And more!

The Significances of Using Flexible LED Strips

Besides the fantastic aesthetic and flexibility offered by LED strips, there is also the cost-saving benefit. Electricity expenses are a significant concern of most businesses, and flexible LED strips use drastically less energy than older bulbs and neon alternatives. Their high durability and unique use capabilities make them an excellent solution for practically any industry.

RGB flexible LED strips are more environmentally friendly because they use less energy and are more durable. That means fewer by-products ending up in landfills. These are essential benefits businesses can point out in their social outreach planning and green responsibility reporting.


With a proven track record of improving lighting design, lowering costs, and being more eco-friendly, using flexible LED strips in your business and home makes complete sense. A great place to begin your LED strip journey is contacting the expert team of designers and manufacturers at Refond. We at Refond have a stellar track record of providing high-quality flexible LED strip solutions to clients all over the globe.

Refond offers r a wide range of applications for practically any need or challenge facing your business, space, or product design. They have more than 20 years of experience as an industry leader and are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consult with our excellent support team!