Transcend‘s SLC Mode technology is a cost-effective solution that offers performance close to that of SLC NAND flash at a more affordable price.

Boasting a high-speed data transfer rate, Transcend’s SLC Mode CF180 CompactFlash cards are perfect for embedded systems, medical instruments, road surveillance systems, and other industrial applications having high performance and capacity demands. Thanks to their use of Static Data Refresh technology, CF180 CF cards feature error correction capability, maintain data integrity, and have an extended lifespan.

Transcend also offers the CF180I CompactFlash cards with wide temperature (-40℃ ~ 85℃) capabilities to ensure sustained functionality, enhanced endurance and optimal reliability in mission-critical applications.

“We are glad to announce this new CF180/180I to our customers who are looking for substitution for EOL SLC CF cards. We provide our customers product with good quality and reliability, and also guarantee stable long term supply. Moreover, we also have customization service to meet customers’ special needs.”

-Transcend Team

Check with us and you will find out Transcend is not just offering a product itself but a total solution based on long term supply and the latest technology.

Hardware Features

  • High-quality MLC NAND flash and SLC mode (also called SuperMLC) for exceptional endurance and reliability
  • Two operating temperature available: Extended Temp. -25°C (-13°F) ~ 85°C (185°F) and Wide Temp. -40°C (-40°F) ~ 85°C (185°F).
  • Power Loss Protection (PLP) to prevent data loss in the event of sudden power outage
  • Durability: 10,000 insertion/removal cycles

Firmware Features

  • Supports S.M.A.R.T. function to conduct health monitoring, analysis, and reporting for storage devices
  • Built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality
  • Operation modes supported: PC Card Memory mode, PC Card IO mode, and True IDE mode
  • True IDE Mode supported: UDMA0-5 (default), MDMA0-4, PIO0-6

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