Smart lighting is an important entry of smart home, the traditional lighting solutions have problems such as complicated wiring and single control. Adopting Feasycom BLE Mesh network solution to replace traditional solution, no additional wiring is required, provide the smarter control, improve user experience.

MESH usage application

Bluetooth 5.0 MESH is a low-energy Bluetooth network topology for many-to-many device communication established by the SIG Bluetooth association. As a Bluetooth low energy communication network, it can be used in these field such as building automation, wireless sensor networks and asset management, etc.

Building automation: Smart lighting, smart security

Wireless sensor: Smart greenhouse, smart industry, smart community

Asset tracking: Asset status and Asset tracking management

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  1. EFR32BG21 Long Range BLE Mesh 5.2 Module | FSC-BT671D

The Bluetooth low energy(BLE) chip used by FSC-BT671D includes a 32-bit 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 microcontroller, which can provide a maximum power output of 20dBm. The chip’s maximum receiving sensitivity is -97.5 (1 Mbit/s GFSK) dBm, and it supports a complete DSP instruction set and floating point unit, which can speed up calculations. Low-power gecko technology supports fast wake-up time and energy-saving mode. FSC-BT671D software and SDK support Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Bluetooth 5.2 and Bluetooth mesh network. The module also supports the development of proprietary wireless protocols.

FSC-BT671D combines an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiver. The module is suited for any battery operated application other systems requiring high performance and low energy consumption.

Support communicating with the FeasyBlue app and many other Bluetooth apps.

  1. Long Range module Bluetooth Mesh Module | FSC-BT681

The FSC-BT681 is a Mini Bluetooth Mesh Module which integrates baseband, radio, Long Range module, external antenna interface and flash memory.

It meets the Bluetooth Version 5.0 specifications. For MESH equipment applications, the embedded 4Mibit flash is flexible and allows for custom software development. For the data application, the module supports UART interface. With the AT commands, users can get full control of its various functions.

Support communicating with the FeasyBlue app and many other Bluetooth apps.

Bluetooth Mesh module advantage

  1. Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE 5.0), compatible with BLE 4.2/4.0
  2. Supports Bluetooth SIG standard Mesh protocol
  3. Can be controlled by Smartphone, compare with gateway controlled, lower network latency
  4. The delay and packet loss rate of the entire network are better than those of the Zigbee network
  5. Up to 60,000 devices can be accommodated in the network
  6. Small size BLE module

Mesh block diagram

The mobile APP can be connected to any node for data transmission. Any node in the network can communicate in both directions.

Feasycom Mesh module features

1、AT command programmable

2、Supports OTA

3、Data transmission within the network can be unicast or multicast;

4、Support light control RGB 3 outputs or 2 PWM complementary outputs and other combined outputs

5、Supports SIG Mesh standard

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