Quantum dots (QD) have become a hot technology for displays and monitors in the last few years. Quantum dots are semiconductor nanocrystals with nanometer size, which have high efficiency of photoluminescence and electroluminescence.

Quantum dots film(QD Film) can convert blue light into high purity red and green light.

The blue LED light drives the blue hues of the picture, but red and green light is created by the quantum dots. The quantum dots are either arranged in a tube—a “quantum rail”—adjacent to the LEDs or in a sheet of film atop the light‐guide plate.

Quantum dot emission can be tuned across most of the visual spectrum by controlling the size of the quantum dot as it is fabricated, larger quantum dots emit light of longer peak wavelengths. Due to their tuneability, narrow spectral output distributions, and high quantum efficiencies, quantum dots are ideal for creating BLU light sources to increase color gamut size and maximize LCD color performance.


  1. Better color accuracy
  2. Higher color saturation
  3. Higher contrast ratio
  4. Higher peak brightness
  5. Reducing power consumption by less dices numbers