AAEON’s ZEUS-WHI0 is an exceptionally powerful, dynamic 4U Rackmount Server System for large industrial network structures such as GPU servers, industrial servers, and telecommunications frameworks. Armed with a 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (formerly Ice Lake-SP), the ZEUS-WHI0 offers reliable operation alongside enhanced network security features. The ZEUS-WHI0’s innovative modular hardware design makes it easy to meet diverse project requirements, with flexible and compatible PSU and cooling options to optimize efficiency based on the workload demands of an application.


Multiple Graphic Card Support

Containing seven PCIe slots with up to Gen 4 speed, the ZEUS-WHI0 is capable of supporting up to four GPU cardS (per project basis) to handle multiple concurrent AI processes and enhance graphics realization, meaning no task is too heavy to handle. Further to this, the ZEUS-WHI0 also holds expanded storage options, with eight 2.5” or 3.5” HDD supported via two 4-bay inputs.

By having the flexibility to support different types of HDDs and offering multiple input bays, the ZEUS-WHI0 provides users with the ability to configure the storage setup according to their specific needs. This expanded storage capacity is beneficial for industries or applications that deal with data-intensive workloads, large-scale databases, media storage, and other storage-demanding tasks.


Flexible & Compatible PSU Options

Allowing users to configure their application according to the workload required, the ZEUS-WHI0 is modular, being compatible with three PSU options. The Mini-Redundant 800W PSU offers reliability and continued operation, while the CRPS 1600W PSU enables users to run power-intensive applications requiring multiple graphics cards. Meanwhile, the project-based PS2 ATX PSU is ideal for running a more cost-effective industrial server.


Modular System Cooling

The ZEUS-WHI0’s cooling solutions correspond to the modularity of its PSU options, with the option of three fan systems to handle the heat dissipation needs of different workloads. The system contains three middle fans by default, while two rear fans can be added as an additional feature. For applications incorporating multiple PCIe expansion options, such as graphics, NIC, and RAID cards, the ZEUS-WHI0 can include an outside fan module, giving users a more robust thermal mechanism.

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