The market of electronic devices to control and manage other equipment includes a very broad range of products. What products are worth considering? What is most important when choosing electronic equipment?

Every company, project, or even the needs of any electronics engineer vary, but there are some common points for all of them. It is important that the electronics is:

– reliable  – performing with the specifications and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

– easy to develop – enabling everyone to integrate it with a given port or terminal in accordance with the documentation

– simple in programming with an accessible environment for software development

– affordable

In addition to SBC solutions, many projects are still performed with the use of micro controllers, which are cheaper, however, it is much more difficult to develop software. The current situation on the market, caused by limited availability of components, has verified recent concepts to a great extent. Also customers expect new ideas that encompass multimedia, and which can be further developed in the future.

The same problems have been faced by the developers and engineers from Eveo, a company that has been designing effective engineering solutions for the display of content, automation of office processes and improvement of productivity in organisations for the past 15 years.

The solutions offered by the market had a significant number of limitations. The core activity focused on multimedia support, which even 5 years ago was still a niche service. After a lot of searching, the company decided to design its own SBC that meets its specific requirements and is convenient for other developers. That is how the family of URVE products has been created.

URVE Board A17 – a multimedia board that can operate 24/7. It can be connected to PoE and is energy efficient. Its advantages include passiveness and lack of movable parts. Available operating systems: Linux or Android.

URVE Board A18 PRO – is a development SBC allowing to use the full potential of the Rockchip processor and the resulting SOM. It has a modular design and its multiple ports such as RS232, SPI or modular volt-free contacts allow to facilitate communication and connection of the board to other devices. It is worth to mention A18i, which is based on industrial components.

URVE PI – it is a Single Board Computer based on the RK3566 processor and designed as an alternative for Raspberry Pi. It is a complete computer with eMMC memory, real time clock (with a battery) and a pre-installed operating system (Debian). It has a high-performance processor and strong GPU that can accelerate OpenGL and VPU to ensure smooth video playback and high resolution. It also has NPU for advanced AI applications.

LOBO – a uniquely designed Eveo device based on the A17 computer, which has a 10-inch screen and an aluminium case. It is controlled by an advanced and multi-purpose application, and features a transparent user interface. LOBO is used by hundreds of companies to display status and book conference rooms.

The main objective of the development of the aforementioned devices was to design “one-fits-all” solutions to allow other companies create unique and competitive products based on the platform and URVE system. Virtually designed BSP, SDK machines for developers and the URVE system for remote management of equipment and multimedia offer large potential for designing unique solutions.