A leading in vitro diagnostics company wanted to upgrade their multiplex testing machines and make blood sample analysis faster and more efficient. AAEON’s GENE-ADP6 was up to the test, being equipped with the key attributes needed to provide a solution.



Computing Capability

To perform thousands of tests per hour, the customer needed exceptional computing power.

Small size

The customer needed a small board for deployment within their multiplex testing machine.

Connector Compatibility

The board had to support charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras for chemiluminescence.








12th Gen Intel Core processing power

The GENE-ADP6 12th Gen Intel Core i3-1220PE CPU offered an exceptional 8 cores and 16 threads of computing power.

Diminutive Dimensions
At just 5.75’’ x 4’’ (146 mm x 101.7 mm), the GENE-ADP6 is incredibly small, enabling discreet deployment within the application.

Corresponding Camera Connectivity
Four internal USB 2.0 ports perfectly supported the CCD cameras required for the acquisition of data from the blood samples.

Solution Architecture

CCD cameras connected to the GENE-ADP6 via its four internal USB 2.0 ports were used to examine blood samples via chemiluminescence, which the GENE-ADP6’s 12th Generation Intel Core 13-1200PE CPU processed to determine the presence of disease markers in the blood samples.


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