DLC is one of the industry leaders in display design and manufacturing. They offer monochrome TN/STN, TFT and OLED displays, including all other display-related ancillary components. Their transflective TFT displays allow viewing in direct sunlight, which provides tremendous value and is attractive to customers worldwide. In turn, IPS and LTPS panels provide wide viewing angles, another favorable aspect in the electronic display market. What does this Chinese manufacturer have new for its customers?

Available novelties:


Size 1.06 inch
Resolution 96x(RGB)x160
Interface SPI
Display Mode Transmissive
Active Area 18.32 x 23.04 mm
Outline 16.52 x 29.76 x 1.63 mm
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Remark Portrait mode


Size 2.13 inch
Resolution 122×250
Interface SPI
Display Mode Reflective
Active Area 63.60 x 84.80 mm
Outline 27.07 x 56.20 x 1.28 mm
Remark Sunlight readable, Replacement for E-paper


Size 2.4 inch
Resolution 240x(RGB)x320
Interface MCU
Display Mode Transflective
Active Area 36.72 x 48.96 mm
Outline 42.72 x 60.26 x 2.57 mm
Brightness 200 cd/m2
Remark Sunlight readable, Landscape mode


Size 5.7 inch
Resolution 720x(RGB)x1280
Interface MIPI
Display Mode IPS
Active Area 71.28 x 126.72 mm
Outline 74.98 x 137.00 x 1.57 mm
Brightness 450 cd/m2
Remark Single driver IC

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