The whole process began in 2014, when all the work on the new product was planned. Over the next 5 years, the schedule was strictly adhered to, so that in the end we received a self-designed chip on which the new series was based. In the course of work on this series, the manufacturer filed 47 new patents.

Product advantages

Small Size
Excellent Performance
305 RAC
Stronger load capacity
Splendid EMS performance
Ultra-wide working temperature
EN62477 OVC Ⅲ
The EMI meets PELV applications
High Quality
Structural enhancements
Terminals and PCB structure’s enhancements
Process enhancement

LM-R2 Series at least 15.4% smaller in size than mainstream solutions, the advantages are as follows:

1. The cost of transportation and storage is redeuced.
2. The LM-R2 products are suitable for the applications where the size is of concern.

How to reduce the size of LM-R2 series?

1. Self-designed IC: to reduce switching noise and the quantity of EMI components.
2. High frequency tech: to reduce the size of transformer with higher switching frequency.
3. Higher efficiency: to reduce the heat loss of switching components and no need for larger shell for dissipation.

Advantages of small size:

1. Less cost of transportation and storage.
2. It’s suitable for the applications where size is of concern, such as small character inkjet printer, coffee machine, etc.


LM-R2 305 RAC advantages:

Global mainstream input voltages are covered, such as 100Vac, 240Vac and 277Vac.
More reliable under unstable grid environments in reomte areas or under large harmonics.

LM-R2 has stronger load capacity than mainstream competitors:

Compared to mainstream competitors, the LM-R2 has higher overcurrent points and can support transient peak power,
which can be applied to the applications that concerns cold-start transient power, such as relay, contactor, fan, etc.

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